Math 8 for Jan. 22 – Jan. 27:

ALL STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE THEIR Chromebook with them to use with the identified CALCULATOR FOR CLASS!!!

Assignments are given on the date and due the next day (unless otherwise noted).



Mon., 1/15:  NO SCHOOL

Tues., 1/16:  TEST over Solving Equations

Wed., 1/19:  Solving Inequalities; IXL X5 and X6 (70 each)

Thurs., 1/18:  Solving Inequalities; IXL X7 (70); Percents; Page 4, #9 a,f,k,o,s,t and #11 a,b

Fri., 1/19:  Solving Inequalities; IXL X8 (70); Percents; Page 5, 12gh, 13, 14, 25, 41, 47, 66

Mon., 1/22:  Solving Inequalities; IXL X9 (70); Percents; Page 5, 11ch, 20, 21, 26, 43, 48, 67, 68, 73

Tues., 1/23:  QUIZ over Percents and Inequalities

Wed., 1/24:  Graphing Linear Equation (day 1: make a table with three values and use ZERO; where does it cross the y-axis and is it steeper or less steep?); Worksheet

Thurs., 1/25:  Graphing Linear Equation (day 2: solve for y first!); Worksheet

Fri., 1/26:  Graphing Linear Equation (day 3: intercepts and/or solve for y); Worksheet



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