Mr. Groth: GR8 US History

Week of October 16th

MONDAY: Finish “Road to Revolution,”  Study Tool provided for next quiz

TUESDAY:  Delivery Screw Up:” An In-depth Look at the “Declaration of Independence”   

WEDNESDAY:  “TRAINING DAY,”  “Road to Revolution” Quiz (40 POINTS)

THURSDAY: “Will You Fight in this War?”

  • *****Community Builders 1:10-2:20   (70 minutes)
    • 1:10-1:20   Report to 8th Period for attendance
    • 1:20-1:25  Report to “STEEGE’s” gym
    • 1:25-1:55 Rubber Band War
    • 1:55-2:05 Wrap Up and Clean-Up
    • 2:05-2:20 Fill Out “Debrief WS” back in 8th Period classes 
  • Students must have proper “eye protection” in order to participate.
  • Please wear “RED” or “BLUE” shirt (RED = Redcoats, BLUE = Patriots)
  • Students with missing work (including survey) can observe the activity only.

FRIDAY:  Debrief “Rubber Band War,”  Look at  the War Itself, How Did We Win?

Study Hall Weekly Task:  

Using “earbuds,” find time to watch these videos about the Declaration of Independence.  Each video provides a different ‘angle” on this famous document.



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