Mr. Prescott: GR8 Language Arts

Monday 5/15 (Day 5):  1. GBC for first draft of Middle School Memory #2.   2. Add the 8 SCM’s to Mem #2; these 8 SCM’s are due Wednesday.   3. Sign up for treats for the final Reading Celebration Day, which is Wednesday.  4. Also, sign up for Change the World Showcase Presentations, which begin next Monday, May 22.  5. Begin Newspaper Partner Monday 5/22 (Day 4):  1. Showcase Presentations Day 1 for Change the World projects.  2. Your end-of-year 8 SCM Test is Friday.  (Homework–add 8 SCM’s to MS Mem #3 by tomorrow.)

Tuesday 5/23 (Day 5):  1. GBC for 8 SCM’s on MS Mem #3.   2. Showcase Presentations Day 2 for Change the World projects. (Homework–choose one of your three MS Memories to publish in the GR8 Team Booklet. Revise and edit this memory; it is due Friday.)

Wednesday 5/24 (Day 6): no classes–go to high school for 9th grade orientation.

Thursday 5/25 (Day 1): Watch any unfinished Showcase Presentations for Change the World projects. (Homework–published, error-free MS Memory is due tomorrow for the GR8 Team Booklet; before tomorrow, get rid of all underlining and labels.)

Friday 5/26 (Day 2): Final Exam over the 8 Sentence Combining Methods.  In class today, hand in your error-free MS Memory for the GR8 Team Booklet.

Monday 5/29: no school–Memorial Day.

Tuesday 5/30 (Day 3): 

Wednesday 5/31 (Day 4): In class, write your final essay. (You cannot study for this. It is a culmination of all that you have learned.)

Thursday 6/1 (Day 5): GR8 Team Celebration Day: Palace Theatre for a movie, Kohlman Park  for a picnic, and The W for a kickball tournament.

Friday 6/2 (Day 6): Get & autograph your GR8 Team Memories Booklet. Last day of school. 12:45 dismissal. Shortened class periods.